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Gurnell Leisure Centre
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Gurnell Leisure Centre

Gurnell Leisure Centre requires significant modernisation and costs the Council around £250,000 a year, and is therefore financially sustainable.

Revised proposals will see Ealing Council and EcoWorld invest to redevelop Gurnell Leisure Centre and replace it with a brand new, modern, energy efficient flagship leisure facility made possible by enabling residential development on the site.

Both the new Centre and the new homes will be delivered on the current developed site footprint, and retain and enhance local green and open space. The entire site will be even more welcoming and accessible for all.

The new plans will see more investment in health and wellbeing, so there will be improvements to the public realm and homes with park views. The buildings will also be more in line with the character with the local area.

A planning application will be submitted by December 2018.


A new centre fit for modern Ealing

The new leisure centre will be built on the site of the current Leisure Centre and will offer facilities to meet local community needs. It will be fully accessible, and will have wheelchair accessible spaces and a lift.

There will also be the same number of leisure car park spaces as there currently is.


The new centre will include:

  • New flagship 50m pool with 10 lanes
  • New skate park
  • New BMX track adjacent to the site
  • Gym and studio facilities
  • Wider programme and flexibility
  • Café facilities
  • Bistro
  • Fun pool
  • Outdoor playground
  • Soft play area 
  • Better changing facilities


Introducing homes

As part of the revised plans, EcoWorld will provide new homes – including affordable homes – to help fund the scheme. Find out more about EcoWorld here

The Council’s evidence base shows demand for housing in Ealing continues to be high demand across all housing tenures. The new homes would suit a variety of needs and help to address the growing housing demand in Ealing. The scheme will be a mix of homes for sale, and Buy To Rent including affordable tenure.

The new homes will also be complemented by new public open space for the whole community to enjoy. Further information can be found on the Benefits page.


Ensuring continuity during and after construction

We want to ensure everyone that all avenues will be sought to keep leisure service costs at the same price at the new Centre. Any increases will only occur if there are no viable alternatives.

We will also work hard to communicate changes to classes as soon as practical.