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Gurnell Leisure Centre
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Gurnell Leisure Centre

The redeveloped centre would bring numerous benefits to the local community.



Sports facilities

The new centre would provide:

  • A 50 metre swimmingpool
  • A fun/leisure pool
  • A new fitness gym
  • Large studio spaces
  • Wet and dry changing facilities with family changing

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The centre would also provide an enhanced outdoor landscaped area, including: 

  • A playground
  • A skatepark
  • A BMX track and trim trail


New homes

EcoWorld will deliver the new homes on Ruislip Road East required to help fund the development. Read more about EcoWorld.

Development at Gurnell will help to address and provide a new, high quality section of housing stock, which is accessible to the key demographic of the borough, whose needs are not currently met with existing housing products. 
Ealing council have committed to ensure the provision of on-site affordable housing. The majority of the remaining Private Rental Scheme properties for borough workers on average salaries.

Additional parking for the residential units would be provided and public transport is also easily accessible from the new homes. 

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Green space

We recognise the importance and benefits of green space. Revised proposals will see green and open space retained and enhanced for local people to enjoy.

Proposals include a commitment to only develop on the current Leisure Centre and car park footprint, and will not build on existing green space. The proposals would make the existing parkland easier for local people to use, and the design of the homes ensures that views into the parkland will be protected. The ‘finger’ design of the homes allows Metropolitan Open Land to continue to be visible to residents.

A community hub will be included to ensure the development better serves local people.

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