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This website showcases the proposed redevelopment of the Gurnell Leisure Centre being brought forward by Ealing Council and EcoWorld London:

  • Gurnell Leisure Centre is at the end of its operational life, is no longer fit for purpose and currently operates at a loss
  • The delivery of a new leisure centre in this location is a key council aspiration
  • Ealing Council are unable to pay for the facility in its entirety. The residential development is necessary to facilitate the delivery of the new leisure centre
  • The current proposal represents the culmination of over three years of design work and responds to previous feedback from Ealing Council, the Greater London Authority and previous public exhibitions
  • This website summarises the proposed development that will form the basis of the planning application


Gurnell View3 Dusk RGB Print


Dates of previous public consultations:


We would welcome your thoughts on the proposals.